Georgia Goodman has been employed in the hedge fund and financial services industry for more than twenty years and brings a comprehensive understanding of the administrative and operational infrastructure required by the sophisticated hedge fund. During this period she has been invaluable in creating environments that allow the investment managers to focus on their objectives and freeing them of other concerns.

As Director of Operations and Client Services at Strome Investment Management, L.P. and Strome Securities, L.P., Ms. Goodman was instrumental in assisting in the formation and operational structure of the firms. Her service to the Strome companies spans more fourteen years (1992-2007) and she is credited with assisting in the global macro hedge fund, achieving over $1 billion in assets. Her daily responsibilities consisted of: interfacing with fund managers to ensure that private placement memorandums remained compliant with the changing rules and regulations; fielding questions from hedge fund investors regarding subscriptions and other administrative issues; and facilitating the flow of assets in and out of the investors’ capital accounts.

Additionally, her duties included timely and efficient settlement of trades in diverse market environments to avoid potential problems. She possesses extensive experience with the settlement of “illiquid securities” and other private placements, thereby, interfacing with attorneys, transfer agents and directly with companies on behalf of the fund managers. Ms. Goodman acts as “point person” administratively and operationally as her experience warrants the ability to maintain expertise in both areas.

Georgia began her career in the financial services industry as a licensed account executive at Drexel Burnham Lambert where she worked as an associate on a trading desk at the firm. At Drexel, she learned the importance of strong infrastructure and excellent operational management as the backdrop to a successful hedge fund business.