Panoptic offers a host of hedge fund administration services above and beyond a traditional hedge fund administration firm.  From coordinating outside vendors, to delivering key reports and data, Panoptic delivers piece-of-mind to our clientele.

Day-to-day hedge hedge fund administration duties includes the following:

  • Providing a web-based statement and reporting system for Hedge Fund Managers & Investors

  • NAV Calculation

  • Calculation value of assets and liabilities

  • Preparation of balance sheet and income statement

  • Prepare investors capital account statements

  • Calculate and disburse management fee and performance allocation

  • Coordinate LP’s interests and subscription agreements

  • Process subscription and redemption requests and Transfer of interests

  • Maintain all appropriate financial records of the fund and communicate with independent auditors and legal council

  • Maintain account information needed to produce US state and federal tax returns

  • Support through funds annual audit(s)

  • Information Technology support services, including website/online presence

  • Monitor planned assets percentages

  • AML Compliance

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Sample Fund Manager Reports:
All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Performance by Security
Cash Ledger
Income & Expense
Portfolio Appraisal Average Price
Realized Gains & Losses
Tax Lot Portfolio Appraisal
Detailed Partner Calculations
Income & ERISA Summary
Total Fund Statement
General Partner Statement

Sample Investor Reports:

Onshore Investor Statements
Offshore Investor Statements
This package contains all standard reports and statements provided to your fund’s investors.

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Expediency and diligence is paramount at Panoptic, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.